AOP Clairette de Bellegarde

This appellation is the smallest of Vallée du Rhone.
In 1949 the appellation was created - for some reasons not known today.
In 2005 according to INAO 1.704 hl. from 36 ha was declared.
These wines were made by 5 private producers and 2 cooperatives.

As you can see from the name it's white wines made from Clairette grown in the communes of Bellegarde which is an important commune in Costières de Nîmes. The producers are therefore also producers of wines from that appellation.

Declared area and yield 2012-2016
Vintage 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Hectar 9 16 6 7 8
Hectolitre 270 327 284 320 287
Source: Syndicat des Vignerons des Cotes du Rhone

Private producers

Mas Carlot Nathalie Blanc-Marès