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In 739 written sources tell about Queroana, which later became Cayrane and  Cairanne. The first ramparts were contructed from 1123, when Templars started to fortify the highest part of the village. From 1317 until the French revolution the village was dominated by the church or by noble families. The last overlord was guillotined in June 1794.

Most of the buildings in the old village date from the eighteenth century except the old ramparts which date back to the 12th century when first the Knights Templar and then the Knights Hospitaller lived in the village. A steep stairway leads up to the keep and then on to the St Roch chapel (1726) located next to the Autanne Gate. A pathway Chemin de Ronde de St Roch along the ramparts (1123), which surrounds the old village affords panoramic views of Mont Ventoux and Mont Saint-Andéol
On the path round the battlements are two round towers and a square one called the "Templars' Tower".
In the old village live around 80 inhabitants in nicely restored old houses. 

The chapel at the top of the village Notre Dame des Exés is not that old. 
It was built in 1631 and restored in late 20th century.

Café de la Place, La Mairie, and Caveau du Belvédère are situated just opposite the central parking place in the centre of Cairanne.
The caveau claimes to be the oldest Caveau de Dégustation in Rhone. It was established in 1959. 
Here you can buy wines from most of the producers of Cairanne for the same prices as at the domains.


In the villages of Cairanne you can have lunch at a quite nice restaurant / wine bar Le Tourne au Verre - maybe also evening dinner in the season.
See website for actual information about opening days/hours. Maybe as a relict from the former owner the restaurant has a comprehenacble wine menu. 
The wines can widthout opening by the table be purchased for a favourable (?) prices. 

If you have the time and the wish for a more gastronomic evening dinner another restaurant in Cairanne Côteaux et Fourchettes  might be a good choice.
 It's situated 4 km south of Carianne (D8) by the round about Croisement de la Courançonne  with signs toward Travaillan / Violès / Vaison la Romaine. 


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Fête du Vin in Cairanne takes place the last Sunday in July - 16.00-22.00
Marché aux Vins in Cairanne takes place medio April