Chateau la Borie

Eric and Jérôme Margnat
16790 Suze-la-Rousse
Tel. +33 475 048 192
GPS 4.4939  44.1857
Direct sale: Monday- Saturday 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-19.00

Chateau La Borie was built in th 18th by a descendent of a prins af Orange. 
It has through the centuries been used as a summer resident or a hunting place. 
It's 110 ha was forest or vasted area until the owners in the 20th century started 
to plant some vines.
From former buildings at the place a vaulted underground tunnel connected the place to the nearby Chateau Suze-la-Rousse, which was founded by the cathars 
in the 13th century. Chateau la Borie and Chateau Suze-la-Rousse are both situated at strategic high points in the landscape.

In 1963 most of the hundreds of French wine growers in Algeria had to return to France. One of these so-called pieds noirs was Emile Bories who seeking for vineyards in France discovered that a property in Suze-la-Rousse was for sale
Together with a friend Jacques Margnat living in Marseilles he bought this place and named it Chateau la Borie. It's the surname of Emile Bories which has named the place, but today it's his friend's surname represented by the sons of Jacques Margnat,
Eric and Jérôme Margnat who have run the domain since 1978.
Jérôme Margnat got his oenological education at l’Université de Changins in Switzerland, and Eric has a degree in Mathématiques et Informatique from the university of Grenoble.

The vineyards cover 75 ha. 37 ha of Cotes du Rhone Village, 34 ha of Cotes du Rhone and 3-4 ha of IGP.


Cotes du Rhone Village
2016: Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.

Cotes du Rhone Village Emile Bories
2016: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre.

Cotes du Rhone
2016: Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault

IGP Méditerranée Rosé Cuvée Alix
2016: 98 Grenache, 2% Syrah

Jérôme Margnat at Decouvertes in Avignon 2013






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