AOP Cotes du Rhone Village Chusclan

1937: Cotes du Rhone
1947: Cotes du Rhone Chusclan
1971: Cotes du Rhone Village Chusclan

The wines of this appellation are made from vines grown in certain fields in the five communes: Chusclan, Orsan, Codolet, Bagnols-sur-Cèze or Saint-Etienne-des-Sorts.

There have been 4 cooperatives in the 5 communes. Since 2011 only two has survived thanks to a merger between them in 2008. Laudun Chusclan Vignerons. Each of the two cooperatives have own cellar and own caveau but there is only one president, one winemaker and one body of administration.
A devellopment seen in several areas where producers leave the cooperative and start their own domain has so far not taken place in the communes in AOP Cotes du Rhone Village Chusclan.
At this website only one private producer situated inside the 5 communes is presented,
Chateau Signac.

Rules for the appellation

Only red and rosé wines are included. 
There is no rules for the blend of a single wine (cuvée), but approved wines with the name can only be declared if the vineyards of a property contains
at least 50% Grenache
at least 20% Syrah or Mourvedre.
a maximum of 20% of other alloved grape varieties - red or white varieties.

Normally 95% of the production is red wine and 5% rosé.

Declared area and yield 2013-2017

Vintage 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Hectares 284 273 311 260 270
Hectolitre 10066 11198 11191 10543 9395
Source: Syndicat des Vignerons des Cotes du Rhone

The 5 communes of the appellation

Commune Area km2 Residents  Altitude
Bagnols-sur-Cèze 31,37

18.375  (2012)

30-268 m
Chusclan 13,23 978 (2012) 28-268 m
Codolet 5,17 701 (2012) 27-50 m
Orsan 6.9 1090 (2012) 29-230 m
Saint-Etienne-des-Sorts 9,85 527 (2012) 26-219 m

Syndicate des Vignerons de Chusclan 

Vendanges de l'histoire, fête du terroir 

Dent de Signac in Bagnols-sur-Cèze

Grégory Brunel, President of 
Syndicate des Vignerons de Chusclan

Philippe Pellaton, President of Cave de Laudun Chusclan

 Lucy Auger, Maître de Chai at Cave de Laudun Chusclan since 2015

Jean-Marc Amez-Droz
Chateau Signac

Chateau Gicon is situated at the highest point of Chusclan at an altitude of 268 m. The vestiges show that the celtics and the romans have lived here in the past.
In 1973 the site was bought by the cooperative of Chusclan, who reconstructed 13 ha of vineyards at the slopes. From Chusclan 6 km. From Bagnols-sur-Cèze 7 km

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