Domaine la Barroche 

Laetitia Latour Barrot and Julien Barrot (sister and brother)
19, Avenue des Bosquets 19, 84230 Chateauneuf du Pape
Direct sale: If anyone are present in the new cellar or if you have made an appointment
+33 662 849 579

In the 17th century Alexandre Barrot purchased the first plot of land and founded a domain. After him followed Pierre Barrot and later Eugène Gabriel Barrot. After him the domain was divided between four sons, one of them was Marcel Barrot. His son Christian Barrot resumed the estate  and called it "Lou Destré d'Antan" "the press of Yesteryear" in memory of his grandfather. Christian Barrot sold most of the production in bulk but bottled a small part only meant for friends and family. The last vintage with this label was 2000.

In 2002 Christian's son Julien joined his father and he wanted to give a broader scale at the domain. He had then completed studies in winemaking and business. He wanted to do something more than just sell the wines to a negociant. 
He is a typical representative for the young well educated generation in Chateauneuf du Pape full of self-confidence and devoted to go his own way, well aware of the traditions you have to follow and thankful to his forefathers who left him fields with healthy vines. It will be interesting to follow what he can achieve with his will to work hard and his drive to do something new.
Julien's sister
Laetitia Latour Barrot has worked together with Julien from the start. She manage the office at Avenue des Bosquets and you will often find her promoting the wines around the world

The domain has 15 ha. in AOC Chateauneuf du Pape (only red wines are produced). The average age is 60 years old, but 1/3 of the vines are more than 100-year-old Grenache. This is the case for the 1,6 ha vineyard at Grand Pierre. This parcel is free of pebbles and with sandy red soils located at the slopes. Another good parcel is 0,8 ha. also with 100-years-old Grenache at Terres Blanches. Also at Palestor is 2,3 ha. with 100-years-old Grenache. Julien is also very fond of his 0,5 ha. parcel at  Pierre A Feu with 60-years-old Cinsault.

The new name for the domain and the wine became the Domaine la Barroche. The name is made out of his father's name
Christian Barrot.
For the vintages 2003 only one cuvée was produced. Since 2004 three cuvées are made. From the beginning was also a forth cuvée made from the youngest vines.
In 2013 the construction of a new celler started. It was ready for the harvest 2015.
Before the harvest all vines from vintage 2014 were moved to the new ageing celler together with barrels, foudres and tanks from the old cellar.
By the wall of the new ageing cellar you find an elevator able to move big foudres or tanks in to the room.
The new cellar is situated at Chemin du Clos. 
From the gate you see in front of you another famous domain Clos des Papes.
From a couple of ha in Chateauneuf-du-Gadagne belonging to a friend Yannick Alliuad, Julien has made a special Liberty de La Barroche since 2015. 
This cuvée is made in the old cellars on Avenue des Bosquets.
Since 2016 Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc from Clairette fra lieu-dit Pialons is made.

Wines :

Chateauneuf du Pape Signature
2015: 62% Grenache, 18% Mourvedre, 13% Syrah, 5% Cinsault and 2% other varieties. The average age of the vines are 70 years. Vinification in cement tank.
Grenache is aged in foudres, Syrah and Mourvedre in 1-3-years-old demi-muids.
Cinsault is matured in steel tank. The ageing lasts for 18 months.

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Fiancée
2013: 40% Grenache, 100-years-old vines at Hautes Blanches, and 60% Syrah  from Cabrières. Syrah is aged in pièces and Grenache in tank. Only made in vintages when Syrah meet the wanted quaility to make the cuvée. For vintage 2013 Syrah was brilliant and Grenache not so god. Therefore the normal 50/50 blend was avoided.

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Pure
2015: 97% Grenache and 3% other varieties from lieu-dit Grand Pierre planted in 1901 and from Rayas and Pointu. Aged in foudres for 18 months.

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Pure
2015: 97% Grenache og 3% andre druer fra lieu-dit Grand Pierre plantet i 1901 og fra Rayas og Pointu. Vinifiveret i cementtank. Lagret på foudres i 18 mdr.

Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc
2016: 100% Clairette fra
lieu-dit Pialons. (Debut)
75% af cuvéen lagres på demi-muids.

Liberty de La Barroche
55% Grenache, 18% Syrah, 12% Mourvedre, 10% Cinsault og 5% Carignan. Average age of vines 65 years
Aged in foudres or demi-muids for 18 months.


Grenache Rose

Julien and Laetitia Latour Barrot by Chateauneuf tasting at La Petit Louvre in Avignon March 2013. Cuvée Pure 2012 was best wine in show (to me)

Julien Barrot with his girlfriend Laure Belliard at Les Printemps 2015

Nelly and Christian Barrot. Fête Saint Marc 2008

More space in the old cellar now

The new vinification cellar. 2015 is vinified here Below is the ageing cellar with tanks, foudres and barrels containing 2014 and 2015.
You find here a very smart
elevator able to move a big foudre.

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