Domaine Moricelly  

François Moricelly
770, Avenue Général de Gaulle 84850 Camaret-sur-Aigues
Tel. +33 490 377 958
Direct sale: Yes

EARL Moricelly was created in 1987. At that time François Moricelly was 25 
years old.

Photos from the place are from a visit in August 2016. I met a son of François Moricelly a medical student. He has a brother who works as an engineer.
The son could not provide details of hectares in the different appellations.

They includs around 1 ha of Chateauneuf du Pape, maybe 10 ha of Rasteau and then bigger areas of Cotes du Rhone and IGP. Fran
çois Moricelly is the viceprésident of Syndicate of IGP Vaucluse.

Hopefully it will be possible to bring a photo here of
François Moricelly

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Update 11-09-2016