Domaine Lafond

Jean-Pierre and François Lafond.
Route des Vignobles, 30126 Tavel
Tel. +33 466 502 459
Direct sale: Monday - Friday 8.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.30


The Lafond family dates its history back to 1780 when a forefather of the owners today settled in Tavel as a winegrower. Family names changed truth the years from Odoyer to Taulier and Lafond. The first Lafond was Pascal's father in 1970.
"Jean-Pierre Lafond, Valéry Taulier’s son in law, builds his own wine estate. As a horse race lover, he names his wine estate “Roc-Epine”, as a memory of Roquepine a famous horse race. And so was born Domaine Lafond Roc-Epine"

In 1948 Jean-Pierre Lafond’s grandfather, Valery Taulier, built the first private cellar in Tavel. In 1978 when Pascal joined his father they started to bottle wine with own name.

In 2019 a final shift of generation took place starting in 2016 when the oldest son Jean-Pierre became co-owner. Later 2018 also the 2-years younger son François. January 2019 Pascal retired.

Domaine Lafond is mainly producing Tavel and Lirac from a total of 85 ha,
39 ha Tavel, 24 ha Cotes du Rhone, 18,5 ha Lirac and 3,6 ha. Chateauneuf du Pape.
Since 2012 the vineyards are certified agriculture biologique


Chateauneuf du Pape Roc-Epine
2015: 80% Grenache, 10% Syrah and 10% Mourvedre.
Syrah and Mourvedre is aged in new barrels for 12 months. Grenache in concrete.

Lirac Roc-Epine
2016: 60% Grenache, 30%  Syrah, 5% Mourvedre, 5% Carignan.
Aged for 3-4 months in new barriques.

Lirac La Ferme Romaine
2016: 65% Grenache, 30%  Syrah, 5% Mourvedre. 
50% is aged for 10 months in 1-3-years-old barriques

Lirac Blanc Roc-Epine
2018: 50% Grenache Blanc, 30% Roussanne and 20% Viognier.

Tavel Roc-Epine
2017: 60% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, 20% Syrah.

Tavel L'Esprit de Roc-Epine
2014: 60% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, 20% Syrah. 1/3 fermented in new barriques.

Cotes du Rhone
2017: 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah. 


The ageing cellar in 2006

Pascal, Jean-Pierre and François Lafond. From Facebook 2016

.Pascal Lafond at Les Printemps du Chateauneuf du Pape a few years ago

The daughter of Pascal with François at Les Printemps 2014

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