Domaine du Banneret

Marie-Francoise and Jean-Claude Vidal
Rue Porte Rouge 35, 84230 Chateauneuf du Pape.
Tel.  +33 490 837 204 
Direct sale: Yes, but call before to be sure.


The roots of the family in the town dates back for centuries. On the property they have documents dating back to 1405. The weapon on the label belonged to a famous forefather Jean Gaspard Bertet who was commander of Illinois in 1625 (part of the French colony in America the French Louisiana). There is no point in counting the generations from him to the owner today Jean-Claude Vidal.

Jean-Claude is an architect but when the former owner of the family property in 1989 wanted to retire and it was a question if the domain had be sold to someone outside the family Jean-Claude and his wife decided they would take over and keep the domain in the family, and they became wine growers. They have done that with great respect for the traditions. Everything in the vineyards and the cellar are done strictly according to the way it has been done by generations before. If a grape variety in the vineyard needs replanting they do it with the same variety even if they have to wait a year or two to get the (maybe rare) plant from the nursery.
The wines cover 4 ha with low yield. Fermenting takes place in tanks situated in a small room at Rue des Cigales belonging to Vidal. When the wine ary ready it's transported by car to the older barrels in the cellar by Porte Rouge. Here the wines rest from one to many years. 
It was the friend Henri Bonneau who taught Jean-Claude to make wine His first vintages was made in Bonneau´s cellar. Like the wines of Bonneau the wlnes are allowed to stay in the barrels for several years. In 2014 you could taste wine from 2007 from a barrel and this wine was in a very good condition. 
The wines are bottled by the help of a pipette, the labels are put on the bottle by hand and so on. The wine is of course not made in modern style and might be as close as you can imagine to a classic Chateauneuf du Pape and that's presicely what Vidal wants it to be. 

Jean-Clude Vidal's nephew Jean-Marc Espinasse tells about the domain:

"Our Estate is a small and very old village family owned vineyard (our archives date from 1405). It has 5 parcels of vines all around the famous Castel ruins. Grape varieties maintain the "13 grapes symphony" tradition and are planted in the same location our ancestors did. Our vines are very old with low yield but rich in quality.
Visitors are kindly received but it is better to call before since we are not always opened. The offerings here are reds made from 60% Grenache, 10% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre and 20% of the resting 9 grapes. The grapes are not destemmed, fermented all together in concrete tanks and aged in old barrels (coming from Burgundy) for 18 months. This method will give finess, powerness, complex aromas and all it's original tannins. It will the keep all it's richness and all the benefits: Vitamins, rock salt, trace elements and tannins. Then, once bottled, labeled and protected by a long cork, our wine will continue aging. It is a wine for laying down that will evolve into a lighter color and such a typical "bouquet". We do not filtrate, bottle by our own means and even stick the labels with glue by hand.


Chateauneuf du Pape
2015: Mainly Grenache, but all 13 varieties are used.
Aged in barrels until more bottles are needed

Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc Le Secret
2017: 40% Grenache Blanc, 40% Clairette, 10% Picardin, 5% Roussanne and 5% Bourboulenc. 15% vinified in barriques. 1200 bottles.

In June and July you can rent two lodgings that have each 4 persons capacity. Both open on a terrace with a garden

Marie-Francoise, Audrey and Jean-Claude Vidal. July 2013
In 2012 the daughter Audrey went home to the domain after 10 years in Italy.
Something has happened since she went home. She now lives together with  Benjamin Tourbillon, Domaine Tourbillon and a son was born in 2015.

The cellars of Domaine du Banneret

Benjamin Tourbillon and the Vidal family at Les Printemps in Chateauneuf du Pape 2015. A months later Marie-Francoise and Jean-Claude became grand parents.

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