AOP Cotes du Rhone Village Gadagne

The appellation was created by decret of 30 October 2012. It includes vinyards of 5 communes Vedène, Saint-Saturnin-les-Avignon, Morières-les-Avignon, Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne and Caumont-sur-Durance.
The appellation includes red, rosé and white wines. 2012 was the first vintage for wines with the name Cotes du Rhone Village Gadagne

The five communes:

Commune Inhab. 2010 Area in km2 Altitude
Vedène 10.580 11,80 23-117 m
Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon  4.894 6,25 34-117 m
Morières-lès-Avignon  7.676 10,35 25-116 m
Chateauneuf-de-Gadagne 3.259 13,48 41-124 m
Caumont-sur-Durance 4.635 18,23 39-134 m

According to sources in the appellation the new AOP could have been realised in 2005 together with Plan de Dieu, Massif d'Uchaux and other new appellations, but local people want the name to be Cotes du Rhone Village Chateauneuf-du-Gadagne, but the neighbours to the north opposed that the name chateauneuf became a part of the name. After 7 years of discussions INAO decided that the name should be Gadagne or continue to be just Cotes du Rhone Village. 

The potential number of hectares in the appellation is (according to information from the cooperartive) 250 ha, of which 180 ha are situated in Chateauneuf du Gadagne.

Area and production 2013-2017
Vintage 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Hectares 48 77 98 64 84
Hectoliter 1656 3019 3498 2116 2246
Source: Syndicat des Vignerons des Cotes du Rhone

Syndicat Intercommunal du Grand Duché de Chateauneuf de Gadagne
President: Henri Requin



Updated 19-03-2018