Domaine Saint Luc

Marie Rouaud, Olivier Maumèr and Quentin ?
Route de Suze la Rousse 26790 La Baume de Transit
Tel. +33 475 981 151
Direct sale: Monday - Friday 9.00-19.00


2006-2016 the domain was run by the two oenologists Stephane Hemard and Remi Cook (until 2012), who managed to produce pretty good wines from 35 ha of vineyards located parly in Grignan-les Adhèmar and partly in the Cotes du Rhone (today in the new appellation Cotes du Rhone Village Suze-la-Rousse)
At the same time as wine making many people
may remember the place for spending periods in the old and beautiful buildings in apartments that were rented to tourists. Stephane's wife Pascale was responsible for this activity, which is not passed on by the new owners. (although website(s) and signs by the road so far tell you something else.)

Pascale and Stephane Hernard (Photo af Stephane 2015)

In August 2016, the domain was taken over by Olivier Maumèr and his sister Marie Rouaud who at least so far continues to follow the traces laid by Stephane Hernard regarding the character of the wines. To my opinion, a clever decision.

Vine 2018

Cotes du Rhone Village Suze la Rousse Grand Bosquet
2016: 50% Syrah, 50% Grenache.

Cotes du Rhone Village l'Escale Sérine  
2015: 100% Syrah. (Sérine). 80-years old vines.

Grignan les Adhémar Tradition
2016: 65% Syrah, 35% Grenache.

Grignan les Adhémar Cuvée Emiliane 
2014: 65% Syrah, 35% Grenache.

Grignan les Adhémar Excellence de St Luc
2014: 97% Syrah og 3% Viognier.

Grignan les Adhémar Rosé Cuvée Juliette
2017: Grenache, Cinsault og Syrah.

Grignan les Adhémar Blanc Cuvée Laurine  
2017: 85% Viognier, 15% Bourboulenc.

Marie Rouaud and Olivier Maumèr - sister and brother.
They come from Southern France.

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Updated 04-08-2019