Domaine du Faucon Doré Jean and Damien Beaumont Faucon
Vignobles Charles Tyrand Jean-Michel Tyrand Mollans sur Ouveze
Domaine de Combebelle Nathalie and Eric Sauvan Piégon
Cave la Comtadine Cooperative Puyméras

Le Puy de Maupas 

Christian and Amélie Sauvayre Puyméras
Cave la Romaine Cooperative Vaison la Romaine

AOC Cotes du Rhone Village Puyméras

The appellation Cotes du Rhone Village Puymeras was born in 2005. 
It covers certain parcels in 5 communes, Mérindol-les-Oliviers and Mollans-sur-Ouvèze in Drôme and Faucon, Puyméras and Saint-Romain-en-Viennois in Vaucluse. 
Before 2005 wines from these parcels were Cotes du Rhone Village.

The appellation includes only red wines
The rules for use of grapes are answering to those of all Cotes du Rhone Village  appellations. In the vineyards of a single property the percentage of the three main grape varieties are
Grenache must count for at least 50%.
Syrah and Mourvedre together must count for at least 20%.
Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre together must count for at least 80%.

Area and production 2014-2018

Vintage 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Hectares 117 137 136 148 140
Hectolitre 4902 5261 5366 5758 5427
Source: http://www.syndicat-cotesdurhone.com

The five communes

Commune Inhabitants Area - km2 Altitude
Mérindol-les-Oliviers 211 (2013) 9,2 266-782 m
Mollans-sur-Ouvèze 1061 (2013) 19,9 252-1007 m
Faucon 425 (2013) 8,7 236-459 m
Puyméras 623 (2013) 15,0 275-846 m
St.-Romain-en-Viennois 873 (2013) 9,0 219-442 m



Update 07-02-2019