AOP Vin Doux Naturel Rasteau  

The first experiments with the production of dessert wine in Rasteau were made at the cooperative in 1934.
In 1944 an independent appellation for Vin Doux Naturel was formed
. The production area was limited to vineyards  in Rasteau, Cairanne and Sablet. 
In the latter two
communes only few hectares adjacent to Rasteau.

As with other appellations, the
vineyards inside the appellation are carefully listed on the map. The total area from which this dessert wine may be produced is a total of only approx. 40 ha.
About 20 wine growers produce this type of wine.
At harvest, the grapes must contain at least 252 g of sugar, corresponding to a potential alcoholic content of 15.
The fermentation of the must is stopped by the addition of grape juice (min. 96%). The finished wine must contain at least 45 g of residual sugar
pr liter and the alcohol percentage should be 15-21.5. The norm is about 16%.
is method is called "mutage".
(This metode is also used by making Banyuls, Maury, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Muscat de Rivesaltes, Muscat de Frontignan and other appellations in Languedoc.)

At least 90% of the grapes used must be Grenache - Noir, Gris (Rose) or Blanc.
The other maximum 10%
might be grapes allowed for the AOC Cotes du Rhone. In practice the wine is usually made on 100% Grenache Noir

Basic yield may
not exceed 30 hl/ha. Normally the yield is somewhat lower.

The term Rancio can be stated on the label, and the character of the wine will correspond to what you normally understand by Madeira, Tawny Port or Marsala.

's allowed but rarely used to call the Hors d'âge wine if it's first marketed 5 years after the harvest.

Declared area and yield 2013-2017

Vintage 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Hectares 25 28 37 22 11
Hectolitre 420 845 1022 638 208

The Grenache grape appears in three coulors. Experts say that the Rose (or Gris) and the "Blanc" are mutations of the Noir.
Most wines of VDN Rasteau are dark in coulor and called Rouge or Grenat but some are lighter in colour depending of the grapes used and of maceration periode. 
If the coulor is not either red nore light it's often called Rose or Ambre. A very light wine is called Blanc or Doré (golden).

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