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If you want to experience the medieval part of the village you may park the car at the lower and go on foot in the northern and highest part of the village at the church.
was once upon a time a castle with only sparse remains left. Èglise Saint-Didier was built in the 1100s. Part of the lost castle became part of the church's walls.

The cooperative was founded in 1925 and
has been one of the better cooperatives. Today it's leading an association of cooperatives in the area, ​​Le Cercle des Vignerons du Rhône.
village has no restaurant and no shops.
You may say it´s a very quiet village

At he tourist office you can buy quite a lot of wines from the appellation also from producers not situated in the commune. The office and the cooperative organize  wine and cultural events during the tourist season.
e year's touristic main event is Nuit du Vin, which, regardless of the day of the week, will always be held on 14 August.
(More about the caveau at the tourist office and Nuit du Vin at the bottom of the page)

Place de l''Eglise seen from the east. You have to go to the nordthern side to find the entrance. Most photo at this site are from a visit in 2008

View from Èglise Saint-Didier

To the left is a rest from the castle that has been at place. The restored building on the right contains Salle de desgustation (not for tourists) The syndicate has
offices in the building, originally the residence of the bishop of Vaison la Romaine, who in those days had more influence in the
ares than bishops from Avignon

The bell tower Tour de l'Horloge was established 1757 by the entrance to the oldest part of the village. 
To the right Chapelle Notre Dame des Vignerons from the same periode.

Fontaine de la Monge (3 other fontains in the village) and the traditional lavoir.

Place de l'Apparent. The memory stone is for the fallen in World War I. 

The tourist office is situated at Rue des Ècoles by Place de l'Apparent     


Every year on 14 August 17.00 - midnight

Photos from the event in 2014    Video from AOP Rasteau (2017)

In 2018 the following producers offered their wines for tasting
ORTAS - Cave de Rasteau
Domaine Beau Mistral
Domaine Bressy Masson
Domaine Combe Julière
Domaine des Coteaux des Travers
Domaine de l'Espigouette
Domaine des Escaravailles
Domaine des Banquettes
Domaine des Girasols
Domaine des Nymphes
Domaine Didier Charavin
Domaine Grand Nicolet
Domaine Galuval
Domaine La Luminaille
Domaine Wilfried
Domaine Toque Rouge
Château la Diffre
Domaine Gramiller

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