AOP Côtes du Vivarais

Until 1789 there was a province named Vivarais, approximately the same area as the departement Ardèche today. The name Vivarais relates to the village Viviers, which was the administrative centre for Vivarais. The village of 4.000 inhabitants has since the 4th century been the seat of the bishop of Viviers and here is his cathedral.

In 1999 the appellation Côtes du Vivarais was approved.
Selected parcels from 14 communes are included in the appellation  (see map below)
9 communes in Ardèche: Bidon, Gras, Labastide-de-Virac, Lagorce, Larnas, Orgnac-l'Aven, Saint-Montan, Saint-Remèze and Vinezac.
5 communes in Gard: Barjac,Garn, Issirac, Montclus and Saint-Privat-de-Champclos.

According to INAO, whose information is from 2005, the area of the appellation is 554 ha and the production was 20.648 hl. 
The wines of the appellation were made by 22 private producers and 11 cooperatives.

In 2014 the production of the appellation was 12.388 hl  from 279 ha.

The rules for allowed grapes are in favour of Grenache, Syrah and Grenache Blanc. The percentage relates to the mix of grapes in all the vineyards of a property.

Red wines 
Grenache min. 30%, Syrah min. 40%. Cinsault max. 10% (from 2017) and Carignan max. 10% (from 2018).

Rosé wines: 
max. 60%, Syrah max. 80% and Cinsault min. 10%.

White wines
Grenache Blanc Min. 50% and Clairette and/or Marsanne min. 30% .

Max. yield 52 hl./ha.

The main part of the wines made in Ardèche are IGP, IGP Coteaux de Ardèche. These wines are almost all single variety wines.

Only one producer from this appellation is presented at this site
Domaine Gallety


Updated 22-06-2015