After a year 2019 marked by a very dry summer and by massive and concentrated wines, the 2020 vintage, exceptionally early, marks the return of cooler wines, endowed with a great balance.

The dry and very hot summer of 2019 required a rainy winter to allow water reserves to recover. replenish. This was the case from October to December 2019 with a cumulative rainfall of 400 to 500 mm depending on the sector, then with a particularly wet late spring. The temperatures winters were quite mild, which led to very early bud burst, 12 days in 2019. While a morning frost on March 25 caused some damage to a few plots, the spring nevertheless remained very mild, confirming the great precocity of the vintage with flowering in mid-May.

The rains are almost absent from mid-June to early August, until several rainy episodesprevent any risk of water stress. The summer was hot but not scorching: only 3 days out of 5 at over 30°C between June and September, with a peak around August 1 at over 40°C. The veraison begins at the end of July and is very rapid.


The first parcels of white are harvested from the third week of August and those of Syrah early September. Around September 20, a few rains (40 to 60 mm) delayed the construction sites of harvest, slightly slowing down the accumulation of sugars but accelerating the phenolic maturation of the Grenache and Mourvèdre. The harvest continues calmly until mid-October, nometeorological episode not interrupting them, the winegrowers were able to harvest each of their plots at the peak of their maturity. The very healthy grapes required little sorting. The alcoholic fermentations took place without any problems.


The 2020 vintage is characterized by good acidity and a lot of elegance for the white wines. On the nose, they are marked by citrus fruits and the freshness of the fruit. The palate combines intensity aromatic and good length. The reds present less intense colors than in 2019, but also less alcohol, more freshness, purity of fruit and tannic finesse. The Syrah exhale the blackberry, notes of white pepper and menthol, while the Grenache, bring aromas fresh raspberry, garrigue or ginger depending on the region from which they come.

 The Reds 2020 have an elegant suppleness that makes them particularly suitable to be appreciated in their youth, without altering their aging potential. 2020 is certainly a vintage in balance, combining freshness and delicacy. As if the heavens had wanted to console us for the turpitudes linked to the Covid 19 crisis, the vintage 2020 is the result of a serene growing year and harmonious development of the grapes. It is therefore peaceful that the winegrowers were able to harvest and vinify Châteauneuf-du-Pape which are already proving to be brilliant on tasting.

The Federation December 2020