AOP Cotes du Rhone Village Massif d'Uchaux 

1937: Cotes du Rhone
1983: Cotes du Rhone Village
2005: Cotes du Rhone Village Massif d'Uchaux

The Massif Uchaux is relatively high situated area around the commune of Uchaux. In 2005 a part of the area was approved by INAO to be Cotes du Rhone Village Massif d'Uchaux for Cotes du Rhone Village area until then. The appellation includes certain areas in 5 communes: Lagarde-Paréol, Mondragon, Piolenc, Uchaux and Serignan-du-Comtat.

The five kommunes


Inhab. 2015

Area in km2

Elevation m

Lagarde-Paréol 312 9,29 84 - 253
Mondragon 3.863 41,0 34 - 217
Piolenc 5.083 24,8 22 - 170
Serignan du Comtat 2.508 19,8 53 - 240
Uchaux 1.582 18,48 46 - 285

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Rain washed silico-calcaire stones typical for the area.
This photos and other at this site is from AOC CDRV Massif d'Uchaux


Les vins du Massif d' Uchaux

Rules for the appellation

Only red wines are included.

The rules for the grape varieties at the single property (encépagement) is like those for other Village-appellations: 
Min. 50% Grenache, Min. 20% Syrah or Mourvedre and max. 20% of other varieties
The blend of a single cuvée (assemblage) have to include Grenache or either Syrah or Moruvedre.

Decared area and yield 2017 - 2020

Årgang 2017 2018 2019 2019 2020
Hektar 200 212 212 212 196
Hektoliter 6670 5135 4910 5908 6274

The Uchaux Masif

Most of the vineyards are situated near natural forrest areas that bring an important biodiversity in the vineyards
PS The famous entomologist (insects) Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915) spent the late years of his life at his familie's property in Sérignan du Comtat.

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