Domaine de la Guicharde

Owner: Didier Perréol
Manager: Laurence Goudal
Hameau de Derboux, 84430 Mondragon
Tel. +33 762 054 578
Direct sale: Only by appointment 
Mail:  (Laurence Goudal)


The domain is situated at a historic place. The Cathars Chateau Derboux was situated here but was destroyed in 1228. Remains can be found in the fields.
The domain itself has not a such long history for growing vines. The first vines were planted here in 1960.
Isabelle and Arnaud Guichard run the property from 1988 until 2017, when they sold the property to the founder of EKIBIO Didier Perréol. In 2017 and 2018 the grapes were sold and no wine was bottled on the domain.
In addition to the
30 hectares that belonged to the domain before the purchase Perréol has bought another 15 ha.
In 2019 Laurence Goudal was hired as manager, and from 2019 the part of the harvest
- possible to be vinified in the old cellar - will be bottled at the domain.
It's planned to build a new and larger cellar as soon as possible
The vineyards of the Guichards has been certified agriculture biologique since 2011 and since 2013 as biodynamique

Bed & Breakfast at the domain - 3 chambre d'hôtes


Laurence Goudal July 2019.



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Update 18-03-2021