Cotes du Rhone Village Saint-Andéol

The appellation includes vineyards in 4 communes in Ardèche, who before INAO's approval of the appellation in April 2018 were Cotes du Rhone Village: Bourg-Saint-Andéol, Saint-Just-d'Ardèche, Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche, Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche. 

Commune Inh. 2015 Area - km2 Altitude - m
Bourg-Saint-Andéol 7.201 43,74 48-415
Saint-Just-d'Ardèche 1.697 10,44 38-115
Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche 2.405 36,12 41-210
Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche.  995 5,53 49-345

Cahier des Charges Cotes du Rhone Village 12.4. 2018
The same rules for all Cotes du Rhone Village with or without geographical name added.

It's only for red wines, you may use the name Cotes du Rhone Village Saint-Andéol

Allowed grape varieties  

Primary varieties: (cépages principaux)
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.
Other allowed varieties ( cépages accessoires)
Bourboulenc B, Brun Argenté N (Vaccarèse), Carignan N, Cinsault N, Clariette B, Clairette Rose Rs), Counoise N, Grenache Blanc B, Grenache Gris G, Marsanne B, Muscadin N, Piquepoul B, Piquepoul N, Roussanne B, Terret Noir N, Ugni Blanc B, Viognier B.

Vineyards of the single producer
Primary grape varieties counts for at least 80%.
Grenache for at least 40%.
Syrah and Mourvedre together for at least 25%. Undtil 2021 only 20%.

Single variety wines are not allowed (Assemblage)

The blend for the single wine must include Grenache + at least one other primary variety (Syrah or Mourvedre)

Area and yield 2018-2019
Vintage 2018 2019
Hectar 44 43
Hectoliter 1685 1648

The chairman of the syndicate of Saint Andeol is Philippe Faure, who owns a domain in St Just d'Ardèche, Domaine de la Favette. He delvers his grapes to a cooperative and owns not himself vineyards in CDRV Saint Andeol. Maybe other members of the cooperative do that


Roland Terrasse
Chateau Rochecolombe

Frédéric Dorthe
Domaine de Chapitre

Christelle Coulange
Domaine Coulange

Pierre-Marc Allègre
Domaine de Pierre Laine

Raphaël Pommier
Domaine de Cousignac

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