Le Clos des Mourres

Ingrid and Jean-Philippe Bouchet
Le Plan – La Gerline 84110 Vaison La Romaine
Tel. +33 975 464 310 / +33  674 659 832
Direct sale: Yes, by appointment
Mail: jphilippe.bouchet@wanadoo.fr
Web: http://www.closdesmourres.fr


Jean-Philippe Bouchet is the son of a winegrower in Vinsobres and has for some years worked as a sales manager at a company selling equipment for winegrowers.
He had a dream of being a vinegrower himself and in 2009 he purchased 5 ha in Cairanne and Cotes du Rhone Village situated near Col du Débat between Cairanne and Saint Roman de Malegarde.

In 2009 he made his first own vintage in his new established small cellar in Vaison La Romaine. 
In 2011 was purchased 10 ha. situated around the domain. 3,5 ha of those 10 ha are Cotes du Rhone Village Roaix. The northern limit of this appellation is D975. The rest of the new vineyards are Cotes du Rhone.
Jean-Philippe Bouchet wants to cultivate the vineyards biodynamically and since 2012 the vineyards in Cairanne were certified agriculture biologioque.


Vacqueyras Milord
Grenache, Syrah.Aged in demi-muds. From two small parcels

Cairanne Origines
95% Grenache, 5% Carignan.

Cairanne Tandem
70% Grenache, 30% Syrah.

Cotes du Rhone Village Roaix Blanc 665 jours
Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Bourboulenc.
Winified and aged in demi-muids, amphora or egg-formed cementtank.

Cotes du Rhone NoVice
Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah.

VDF Pompette
Aubun, Tempranillo. 

VDF Rosé Pompette
Cinsault, Grenache, Aubun, Tempranillo, Mourvèdre.  

VDF Blanc Pompette 
Equal shares of Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Bourboulenc.

VDF A Table!
100% Syrah

Ingrid and Jean-Philippe Bouchet 2012
The photo is taken in front of one of the walls in the livingroom.
The cement tanks at the wall is a coulisse; behind the wall is nothing

New cellar was ready for vintage 2012.

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