Domaine du Cayron

Roseline, Delphine and Cendrine Faraud
Rue de la Libération 84190 Gigondas
Tel. +33 490 658 746
Direct sale:
Monday - Friday 9.00-12.30 and 14.00-18.00 (summer until 19.00)

The domain has existed since 1840. The Faraud family have been there for 5 generations included the three daughters of Michel Faraud, Roseline, Delphine and Cendrine Faraud who are responsible for the domain today.

The three sisters may seems very different, but you sense if you have the privilege of meeting them together, a modest pride and spontaneous joy of knowing that they manage something significant, the traditions of Gigondas. In 2010 they shuddered slightly at the thought that three very old foudres had to be moved to make room for three new - in 2011. There would be broken a heel and cut a toe in the old cellar walls. The spots were marked months before with red chalk circles.
Since the vinification at the domain is very traditional, and when only a single cuvée is made from the 16 ha harvested when weather and ripeness of the grapes so require, and otherwise in the basement doing as usual, the wine from Domaine du Cayron is a good indicator of the
characteristics of each vintage.

In a book published to celebrate the 40 years of the appellation in 2011 Gigondas, Its wines, Its Land, Its People, has historically conscious Louis Barroul disclosed the domain's history: "... Its unsusual for three sisters to run an estate toghether, but this have been the case for Domaine du Cayron for several years now. Delphine, Cendrine and Roseline are responsible for the family estate, along with their father, Michel, who is still actively involved, their complementary skills perpetuating the work of five generations. Their grandfather Georges Faraud undoubtedly forged the domaine's identity: he was an intelligent, open man who loved research, an original character in the truest sence. In 1936 he built an underground cellar at the entrance to the village and created his own style of Gigondas wine, year after year. Tasted in 2011, his 1971 Gigondas is stunning...."
Now that we are in the historical corner, allow me also to quote from Robert Parker's Wines of the Rhone Valley 1995: "... Faraud's wines are the richest, most exsotic, and often the most dramatic of the appellation. On occation, their explosive richness and rustic set of aromas can be a bit overwhelming.... Faraud´s wines are such foreful examples of Gigondas that they, more than any other wine of this appellation, require rich stews...and game to absorb their stron personality.... Properly served and mached up with the right culinary offerings, they are memorable wines that can take one to a pleasent trip to the nineteenth century."

2012: 70% Grenache, 14% Syrah, 15% Cinsault and a bit Mourvedre. 
The vines are 40-70-yers-old Vinified in cementtank and aged in foudres for a year.


Roseline, Delphine and Cendrine Faraud - April 2011

Delphine and Cendrine Faraud together with their mother 
at Gigondas sur Table July 2014

The cement tanks for fermentation and ageing
 dosn't look very big

until you open the cover at the floor
 and see the rest of the tank.

These tree old and very big foudres
 will be replaced late 2011

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