Domaine Viticole Renouard - Scamandre

Nadine and Franck Renouard
Chemin des Coquillons 30600 Vauvert.

Tel. +33 615 386 307 (Nadine)
Direct sale: Yes, but opening hours are not mentioned at the domain's website



Nadine and Franck Renouard are both educated as dentists. Franck Renouard is still active as an international well known scientist specialised in implantation. 
In 2000 a dentist congress was cancelled and
Nadine and Franck Renouard who are  very interested in modern art went to Carmargue to visit a painter. During this trip they met an oenolog and also an owner of some vineyards from where he delivered the grapes to a cooperative. These people became friends of Nadine and Franck Renouard, and the vision of Scamandre was born.
Already in 2003 a cellar was constructed and ready to vinify the first vintage.
As Nadine and
Franck Renouard did not have much knowledge in building a winery and making wines they depended on advice from others among them their friend the oenolog Stéphane Beuret. 
The name Scamandre comes from the nearby situated Étang de Scamandre.

The vineyards of the domain are the most southern of the Rhone Valley - about 30 km from the Mediteraenien. The soil of the 15 ha of the domain are semiliar to what you find in Chateauneuf du Pape: "18 metre deep layer of rolled pebble stone and clay that naturally controls the soil's water content".
From the very beginning the vineyards have been cultivated organically and since 2012 they are certified agriculture biologique. Some biodynimac methods have been used but information about certification is not found. (by the publisher of this site) 

Wines 2019

Scamandre Rouge
2013: Syrah, Carignan, Grenache, Mourvedre.
Aged for at least 2 years in barriques. Efter the following blending a year in tank. After bottling resting a year before release.

Scamandre Reserve Blanc
2016: Carignan, Chardonnay, Marsanne, Roussanne. Vinification in barriques.
Production 1.200 bottles

Scamandre Rosé
2018: 100% Grenache. 90-years-old vines. Press direct. Vinification in barriques
Production: 2.000 bottles

The project Scamandre is in several ways different from what you elsewhere can discover in the Rhone region and for that matter in other wine regions.
Frank Renourd is a scientist (implantologie).
All the viticulturel work seems to be decided at the base of scientic experiments "A multitude of details that all depend on a scientifically-designed management system that gives Scamandre wines their exceptional quality".
The Whole project is from the start thought organically in all details. The cellar building is made mainly from glas and tree in a way that the wines are moved from one place to another by gravitation "... all the details are attended to the made-to-measure temperature-controlled stainless steel vats to the underground
cask storage cellar underneath a water tank for natural temperature control."
It's the goal to be CO2 neutral and independant of energi from sources out site the domain:
There is an effluant treatment process to return clean water to the invironment. The whole estate will be selfsufficient in terms of power in a few years time. It's expected that this will become a reality from 2015.

Work in the vineyards are done with horses where possible. An electric tractor has been tried but it' was not a possibility with the soil at the place.

Scamandre cooperates with Agroforesterie, an organisation working for a new agricultural practice where planting of trees is an integrated part of all crops - also vineyards - to improve the biodiversity: "The autumn 2009 plantations in the middle of our vineyards will now be able to attract pest predator insects and provide them with reproduction grounds. The result? Less spraying and more naturally grown vine-plants".

Nadine Renouard at Decouvertes in Avignon 2013

Franck Renouard

.The top wines at Decouvertes in Avignon 2019

The oenologist Stéphane Beuret (Has been an adviser since the start of the domain) and Nadine Renouard at Decouvertes in Avignon April 2019

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