Chateau la Courançonne

Alain, & Christine Aubert, Damian, Aurelien, Caroline Aubert
Domaine le Grand Retour D23 84850 Travaillan
Tel: +33 490 709 016
Direct sale: Monday - Saturday 10-12 and 14-18.30. Only at Le Grand Retour

The domain was owned by the Meffre family until 2019.
It was then purchaced by Alain Aubert, Domaine le Grand Retour.
(Not by the three brothers owning La Grand Retour but only by Alain and his family)
Alain and Damien runs together Le Grand Retour
Christine and er son Aurelien run together Domaine Autrand in Vinsobres. Caroline lives for the time being in Paris.

The domain covers 2 ha of Rasteau, 1 ha of CDRV Séguret and 50 ha of CDRV Plan de Dieu.

The making of the wines takes place at 3 different localities:

First fermentation in steel tanks at Le Grand Retour.
Second fermentation in concrete at Chateau Goudray in Seguret.
Ageing in barrels at Chateau Courançonne Violès.

Wines from the debut vintage 2019:


Cotes du Rhone Village Séguret

Cotes du Rhone Village Plan de Dieu

Alain and Damien Aubert. Photos from 2016 and 2017.


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