Gourt de Mautens

Warning: This site is from one outsider about an other outsider who don't even know (the wines of today) and the winegrower

Normally only accesable winegrowers and their wines will be mentioned at this site.
Before the hypes about Rasteau being a CRU, I visited the place and was not in any doubt. This man's wines must most be defening what Rasteau is all about. A rival for any wines in the area. (I thaugt I met the winegrower himself but it was "only" a caviste.

Not so far from the domain I met another wine grower, and he was of real stuff. I had heard about him as "the King of Rasteau" (You know as Henri Bonneau in another appellation). I asked an innocent question about "the CRU". I'm not sure about the excact answer, but it was something like "The stupid lady from INAO" and It will be on my dead body".

The first man was consecvent. After 2010 his "Rasteau" became an IGP. The second one became a proud defender of the new appellation.

Jêrôme Bressy. Photo: Jens Hork 2009.

Why tell this now?

Simply becauce I discovered, that all lovers of good wines can buy the wines from Gourt de Mautens - of alle places - at Vinadea in Chateauneuf Du Pape - at prices like a Spécial Cuvée from this Village - 2016: 55€

Wines according to Vinadea

IGP Vaucluse Domaine Gourt den Mautens
2016: Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre, Counoise, Syrah, Vaccarese, Cinsault, Terrest Noir.
Vinification in Truncated wooden tank. Ageing in foudres or demi-muids for 24-36 months. 16% alc.

IGP Vaucluse Blanc Domaine Gourt den Mautens
2016. Grenache Blanc et Gris, Bourboulenc, Picardin, Roussanne, Marsanne et Picpuol Blanc et Gris.
Ageing in demi-muids or steeltank for 12-18 months

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