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You will not find a village or at least a "hameau" named Sinargues. It's a plateau situated between four communes, Domazan, Estézargues, Rochefort-du-Gard and Saze.
The potiential area of the appellationen is 600 ha.
It's the most southern appellation in Cotes du Rhone.


Area km2 Altitude m Indhab. 2015
Domazan 11,42 35 - 162 915
Estezargues 11,59 49 - 232 534
Rochefort-du-Gard 34,03 48 - 267 7.505
Saze 12,06 54 - 195 2.011

Until 2005 the appellation for these four communes was Cotes du Rhone Village, but since 2005 the name of the wines from selected parcels may add the name Signargues. Only red wines are included in the appallation.

The rules for the use of grapes, le encépagement, is like other Village-appellations: At least 50% Grenache, At least 20% Syrah or Mourvedre and not more than 20% of other varieties.

In the four communes you'll find two cooperatives Vigneron d'Estézargues in Estézargues and in Rochefort-du-Gard Les Vignerons du Castelas. 
Domazan is a small commune but most of the producers here have for many years had their own cellar and make their own wines to sell in bottles or i tank to a negociant.
The mainpart of the producers in the appellation vinifying their grapes sell a part of the production in tank depending of their possibilty to sell the bottled wines themself. It has not been an easy task to make the wines from the appellation known well by the consumers.

As you can see of the ciffres below there are some differences between the declared number of hectares in the vintages. It might depends of of coise between declaring Signargues or Cotes du Rhone.

Declared area and yield 2016-2020

Vintage 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hectar 355 463 394 445 419
Hectoliter 13620 14314 14165 15461 16342

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Francis Fabre is the président of 
Syndicat des Vignerons de Signargues

Guillaume Gonnet
Font de Vent

Bertrand Gonnet
Font de Vent

Guillaume Reynaud
Chateau de Bosc


. .

Raymond Fabre
Chateau de Coccinelle

Valerie Collomb
Dom. de la Valériane

Michel Collomb
Dom. de la Valériane

. . .

Jean-Baptiste Crouzet
Dom. de Magalanne

Xavier Fabre
Domaine des Romarins

Pierre Jauffret
Chateau Terre Forte

. . .

Christophe Coste 
Domaine de la Charité

Antoine Berthaud
Domaine Amido

Amandine Patinet
Domaine Amido

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