Cotes du Rhone Village Suze la Rousse

: Appellation Cotes du Rhone oprettes
1966-1967: Appellation Cotes du Rhone Village oprettes.
2016: Vineyards in four communes which have been included in appellation Cotes du Rhone Village are approved to be Cotes du Rhone Village Suze la Rousse.

The 4 communes are Bollène, Bouchet, Suze la Rousse and Tulette 
In Suze la Rousse and Tulette only a part of the Cotes du Rhone Village vineyards will be included in the appellation. Other parts will be CDRV Sainte Cécile or CDRV Plan de Dieu.
Bollène is situated in Vaucluse, when the other 3 communes are situated in Drôme.


Inhab. 2015

Area - km2

Altitude in m

Bollène 13 900  54,03  42 - 312
Bouchet 1 454  11,89  85 - 135
Suze la Rousse 2 066  30,60 65 - 141
Tulette 1 963  23,53  109 - 222

Although Bollène is by far the largest municipality in area and population, it´s most familiar to wine tourists, as the village you drive through when you leave  Autoroute Soleil (A7) for after a few kilometres to reach Suze la Rousse or before turn to Uchaux (Derboux), Rochegude. Sainte Cecile Les Vignes or maybe even Cairanne or nearby other famous appellations.
La Rousse has a few interesting local producers, but is best known for it's Wine University. Here you can't get a full scale oenological education.
"Enthusiastic lovers seek clear and precise explanations to exploit their personal knowledge, wines and their sensitivity.
They acquire an assurance and openness thanks to the very accessible tasting methodology that our oenologists or sommeliers teaches through a varied panel of courses organized throughout the year". 
That mentioned some well known producers have made their first steps there to learn what Rhone wines is about. I could mention three girls from Visan, Beaumes de Venise and Chateauneuf du Pape. They were all from other countries.
The buildings are
very imposing, and contributes greatly to give the relatively small town character.
I was there a few years ago. Without appointment I could walk around the "castle" go inside and walk around the corridors at three levels, see interesting models of caves from Roman time - even go to the student's resting room and leave visit cards at the tables.

Two angels of The Wine Univesity in Suze-la-Rousse

Cahiers des charges (Rules - 12 April 2018)
The appellation includes only red wine. 
In the vineyards for a property (encépagement)
Primary red varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.
Grenache must count for at least 40%

and/or Mourvedre must count for at least 25% - until 2021 only 20%.
Other permitted red varieties: Carignan, Cinsault, Counoise, Muscardin, Piquepoul Noir, Terret Noir, Vaccarèse.
The single cuvée (assemblage)

66% must me made of primary grapes. Grenache is obligatory.
A wine must be made from at least two primary grapes varieties.
White varieties may be included with a maximum of 5%.

Area and production 2016-2019

Vintage 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hectares 151 194 214 200 182
Hectolitre 5996 5298 6234 7126 5148
Source: Syndicat des Vignerons des Cotes du Rhone

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