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Vestiges from a gallo-roman villa from 2nd century is the oldest evidence of wine growing in Tavel. 
1636: Land register tells about wine growing of a certain scale.
1716: Administrative archives tell about local wine "cru de Tavel".
1902: A Syndicate of wine growers is founded.
1926: Rules for the local wines are created as the first step of being an appellation, The local wine growers syndicate with Aimé Roudil as présiden was adviced by Baron Le Roy from (Chateau Fortia) in Chateauneuf du Pape.
1936: AOC Tavel is among the earliest established appellations in France.

 Aime Roudil (1870-1938) and Pierre Le Roy (1890-1967)

Cahier des Charges Rules for the appellation

Tavel Rosé can only be made from vineyards in Tavel commune - and some parcels in Roquemaure.
The potential area in the appellation is 960 ha.

Allowed grape varieties 
Primary varieties: Bourboulenc, Cinsault, Clairette Blanc, Clairette Rose, Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre, Picuepoul Blanc Piquepoul Noir, Syrah.
Other varieties: Calitor (if planted before 1994), Carignan Blanc, Carignan Noir.

Shares of varieties in the vineyards of each exploitation (Cépagement)
Grenache (3 types) must be min. 30% and max. 60%.
A single primary variety may not exceed 60%.
Other varieties may not each of them exceed 10%

Maximal yield 46 hl/ha.
Min. volume og alcohol: 11,5%.

Normally the wines are made with a short maceration period - 12-36 hours.
In such a short period only a small amount of colour and punch will be extracted from the skin.
Only a few producers use ageing in wood -  maybe for a special cuvée.
The wines are normally bottled a few months after the harvest
and most of them are meant to be drunk young.

Nearly 50% of the production is vinified by the cooperative and the rest by private producers - about 40. Some of the private producers sell a part of the wine to negociants.
Most of the producers have vineyards in Lirac and/or Cotes du Rhone.  Only a few producers only make  Tavel Rosé.

Declared area and yield 2016-2020

Vintage 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hectares 911 895 904 898 905
Hectolitre 37778 26527 36779 29868 30337

Syndicat Viticole de l’Appellation Tavel

The syndicate was created as early as 1902.
The village and the wines are promoted by the phrase Village du 1er Rosé de France.

Commanderie de Tavel 
The brotherhood was created in 1968.

Tavel commune covers 19,96 km2, or 1996 ha. of which the vineyards of AOP Tavel count for 960 ha. In 2017 the village had 979 inhabitants. 

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