Domaine Moulin-La-Viguerie  

Hélène and Gaël Petit
104, Rue de la Combe 30126 Tavel
Tel. +33 466 500 655 / +33 683 514 054
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Personally, I did not know the domain or the owner before 2017 although I might have seen the names before. I tasted thei for the first time at Couleur Tavel (see photo below). My interest was guarded and it became no less when I later found out that Gaël Petit had replaced Richard Maby in 2015 as the President of the Syndicate of Tavel (Maby had chosen to leave the post). 
In July 2018
I therefore
got an appointment for a visit and met a very pleasant personality. Probably not only for that reason but also because his family has deep roots in the history of the appellation he was elected as president of the appellation.
In 1992 Gaël Petit took over the domain after his mother Mireille Petit Roudil, who had taken over the property from her father Gabriel Roudil (1907-2000). The most significant of the ancestors who have lived in the area since the 16th century was probably Aimé Roudil (1870-1938). He became one of those who helped restore the vineyards after the Phylloxera crisis and he was one of the leading people who helped to make the rules and delimitation of the appellation in collaboration with Pierre le Roy of Chateauneuf du Pape. They were the driving force behind the first two appellations in France in 1936.

To the left Aime Roudil (1870-1938) and Pierre Le Roy (1890-1967)
Aime Roudil was the first president the syndicate of Tavel (1923-1938)

The domain covers 15 ha of Tavel and 0,83 ha of Lirac.
The grapes of the domain are harvested with a slightly higher maturity than on most other domains in Tavel. Therefore, the wines are not as acidic as many other wines in the appellation. Immediately after visiting Gaël Petit, I visited Mordorée, from where the wines are very different from Petit's wines.
Petit's attitude is that Rosé is a light red wine. The wines of both domains are good and, as with all wines, it is a matter of taste and pleasure what you prefer. Personally, I prefer Petit's less prestigious wines, where fruit and acid are in good balance and without the bitterness that characterizes many Tavel wines

The actual blend may fidder a boit but in the vineyards you fiind 50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 10% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre, Bourboulenc, Clairette.

47% Grenache, 24% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre 12% Cinsault.

Gaël Petit July 2018 - just returning from the vineyard.

The cellar is situated at 65, Rue de la Combe

Hélène and Gaël Petit at Couleur Tavel July 2017

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