AOP Cotes du Rhone Village Vaison la Romaine  

1937: Appellation Cotes du Rhone is created
1966-1967: Appellation Cotes du Rhone Village created.

2016: Cotes du Rhone Village in 5 communes around Vaison la Romaine is upgraded to Cotes du Rhone Village Saint Romaine
The 5 communes are Buisson,
Saint-Marcellin les Vaison, Saint-Roman de Mallegarde, Vaison la Romaine and Villedieu.

The potential area of the appellation is 776  ha. Since 2016 it has been allowed to use name the Cotes du Rhone Village Vaison la Romaine


Inhab. 2015

Area - km2


Buisson 294 9,49 156 - 395
Saint-Marcellin les Vaison 313 3,56 200 - 444
Saint-Roman de Malegarde 251 8,21  125 - 365
Vaison la Romaine 6072  26,99  156 - 493
Villedieu 512 11,38  176 - 443
Taking area and population in to account, it is very natural that Vaison la Romaine gives name to the appellation, especially considering that the village Vaison la Romaine is known far outside the area; not for it's wines but for the many remains from Roman times, and it's probably the most famous tourist destination in the Rhone valley (after Orange and Avignon).

The cooperative
in Vaison La Romaine, established in 1924, plays an important role in the wine production in the area. It has about 360 members spread over no less than 20 communes. Another cooperative established in 1939 located in Villedieu is not that dominating the appellation.

Cahiers des charges (Rules - 12 April 2018)

The appellation includes only red wine. 
In the vineyards for a property (encépagement)
red varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre.
Grenache must count for at least 40%
and/or Mourvedre must count for at least 25% - until 2021 only 20%.
Other permitted red varieties: Carignan, Cinsault, Counoise, Muscardin, Piquepoul Noir, Terret Noir, Vaccarèse.
The single cuvée (assemblage)

66% must me made of primary grapes. Grenache is obligatory.
A wine must be made from at least two primary grapes varieties.
White varieties may be included with a maximum of 5%.

Declared area and yield 2016-2020

Vintage 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hectares 158 237 217 213 174
Hectolitre 6088 8501 7980 7842 6352


The around 2000 years old bridge over Ouvèze. In February 1992 a dramatical flooding damaged the bridge. 
47 people in the village lost their lives as the water during just 3 hours without warning reached the red cross. Photo: Metéo France.

Vaison-la-Romaine has many remains from Roman times. A statue found devoted excavations was purchased by Eugene Raspail (1812-1888). 
He earned so much money
by reselling to the British Museum
that his earning could pay for building of Chateau Raspail in Gigondas. Photo: Mimova at Wikipedia

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