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1898:  "Syndicat de lUnion des agriculteurs de Vinsobres" is established. Note that the founders were  agriculteurs  and not vignerons.
Of course there were some vines in the area but only a few and for local consumption.
1937: AOC Cotes du Rhone is established and the area with vines are growing.
1947: It's decided to found a cooperative in Vinsobres -
Cave Cooperative de la Vinsobraise.
1957: "Comit des Vignerons de Vinsobres" was founded. This happened in the year after a very cold winter where around 90% of the olive trees suffered very much. Olives was one of the main crops in the commune and when the vines survived the winter many farmers decided to plant vines instead of olives By chance the vines of the commune was upgraded  Cotes du Rhone Village the same year.
1967: The vineyards was upgrated to Cotes du Rhone Village Vinsobres.
2005: AOC Vinsobres. Decre was published 15. February 2006.

Rules for the appellation

Only red vines grown in certain parts of Vinsobres commune has the right to be named Vinsobres. See map.

Vinsobres Commune has a total area of 3.245 ha. The altitude is from 184m (the river Eygues) to 520m (the hills to the North of the town).
This difference in altitude within such a small area means that a big part of the commune is covered with quite sloping areas where terraces are needed to grow the vines. 
The slopes are oriented from the North-west to South-east. On these slopes  the parcels are included in the appellation Vinsobres.

Only red wines are included in AOP Vinsobres.
Ros and white wines from the commune might be named Cotes du Rhone.

Allowed grape varieties:

Grenache is obligatory in the blend with a percentage of at least 50%.
The part of Syrah and/or Mourvedre must be at least 25% of the blend.
Other grapes allowed for Cotes du Rhone can be used to an extend of 25%, also white varieties can be used but not for more than 5%.

The percentages of planted grape varieties in AOP Vinsobres were in 2013
Grenache 68,34%
Syrah 24,15%
Mourvedre 2,76%
Cinsault 1,84%
Carignan 1,45%

Basic yield is 38 hl/ha.
The percentage of alcohol may be at least 12,5.

Area and production 2016-2020

Vintage 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hectares 583 614 563 592 531
Hectolitre 19912 19516 16361 21667 16219
Source: Syndicat des Vignerons des Cotes du Rhone

Some numbers

In 2011 21 private producers and 2 cooperatives (according to Comit des Vignerons) made Vinsobres.14 negociants offered Vinsobres.
90% of the export goes to 4 countries: Great Britain 40%, Canada 25%, Belgium 15% and US 10%.

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