AOP Luberon  

Côtes du Luberon was created as  AOC in 1988.
The name has now changed to just  "Luberon"
The appellation covers vineyards in 36 communes, situated to the north and to the south of Montagne du Luberon.
The communes to the north are situated in Vallée du Calavon along and to the south of N100. 
To the north of N100 you are in Ventoux.
The communes to the south are situated in Vallée de la Durance along and to the north of  D973. 
To the south of D973 you are in Côteaux d'Aix en Provence.

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Cahier des Charges (Rules for the appellation -2014)

The grapes

Grapes for white wines
Primary grapes (cépages principaux): Bourboulenc, Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, Vermentino (local called Rolle).
Secondary grape (cépage complémentaire): Ugni Blanc.
Other grape (cépage accessoire): Viognier.

Grapes for red and roséwine
Primary grapes (cépages principaux): Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.
Secondary grapes (cépage complémentaire): Bourboulenc (blanc), Carignan, Cinsault, Clairette (blanc), Grenache Blanc (blanc), Marsanne (blanc), Marselan, Roussanne (blanc), Ugni Blanc, (blanc) Vermentino (blanc) (local name: Rolle), Viognier (blanc)

Percentage of the varieties in the vineyards of a property (éncépagement)

White wines
Ugni Blanc may not exceed 50%.
Viognier may not exceed 10%.

Red and rosé wines
Grenache and Syrah has to count for at least 60%.
Syrah has to count for at least 20%.
Cinsault may not exceed  20%.
Carignan may not exceed 20%.
Marselan may not exceed 10%.
White varieties may not exceed 10% for the production of red wines.
White varieties may not exceed 20% for the production of rosé wines. 

The level of alcohol must be at least 12% for the red wines and 11,5 for rosé 
and white wines.

The yield may not exeed 55 hl./ha. for red and rosé wines and
60 hl./ha. for 
white wines.

Area and production 2016-2020
Hectares 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Hektar 3362 3405 3363 3397 3330
Hectoliter 156001 136278 151391 154454 160630
Source: Inter-Rhone 

Producers of Luberon 2014
55 caves particuliéres, 11 cooperatives and 41 negociants.

Types of wines
2011: Rouge 28%, Rosé 47%. Blanc 24% 
2012. Rouge 30%, Rosé 49%. Blanc 21% 
2013: Rouge 26%, Rosé 53%. Blanc 21%
2014: Rouge 27%, Rosé 51%. Blanc 22%

Sandra-Rose Prévôt with papa and chef Jean-Jacques Prévôt.
Restaurant Prevot
in Cavaillon is a very recommendable place to dine.

Joël Bouscarle, président de Syndicat des Vignerons de l'AOC Luberon
He is also a member and the président of Cave de Sylla in Apt.

Producers presented at

Serge Seignon
Chateau des Eydins

.Jean-Pierre Margan
Chateau la Carnorgue

Nathalie Margan
Chateau la Carnorgue

Thierry Mueth
La Cavale

Jean-Paul Aubert
La Cavale

Werner Wunderli
Cave Aureto

Aurélie Julien
Cave Aureto

Anne Marie Bagnis
Chateau Constantin

Camilla Bagnis
Chateau Constantin

Yoann Mazandain
Chateau Fontvert

Arnaud Bressy
Domaine de Marie

Yves Rousset-Rouard
Dom. de la Citadelle

Alexis Rousset-Rouard
Dom. de la Citadelle

Thomas Montagne
Chateau de Clapier

Alain Audet
Domaine la Garelle

Frédéric Blanc
Domaine la Garelle

Christopher Descours
Chateau la Verriere

Olivier Adnot
Chateau la Verriere

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